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Interior designer specializing in creating beautiful, functional spaces in the Greenville, SC area.



You can always make more money, but something you can’t ever make more of is time. Our time is precious, limited and measured; because of that, how we spend it should be dedicated to doing the things we love with the people we love--in the places we love.  The places we love most assuredly includes our own homes; our refuge where we can rest and recharge so that we’ll be able to give back to our personal world and those that live in it.   


How you spend time in your home is different for everyone and that is why interior design is not one-size-fits-all. Homes that have been thoughtfully designed, with you specifically in mind, will rise up and meet you to serve you well.  Do you feel as if your home provides ample opportunities for you to spend time relaxing and getting refreshed?  Does your home cause more headaches than it cures?



Clients come to me for design assistance because they want client-specific, personal designs that make living in their home feel like a form of self-care (spoiler alert, interior design is a form of self-care). Each project progresses through my well-organized processes that were created to be efficient and respectful of the most valuable things--your investment and your time.



"I used Inside the Design to help me make my open floor plan flow. My living room, dining and kitchen all open to each other and I needed these zones to work together better. Summer picked out paint colors, furniture, accent pieces, artwork - the whole package - and each piece just worked and made the rooms flow together. I just LOVE my space now. Every time I post a photo on Facebook, the comments seem to focus more on my living room rug or my curtains or my kitchen wall color than my family in the photo - it was all Summer. She made my house a real home and kind of a show place for me. Hiring Inside the Design means you will be heard and you will get more than you expect. Amazing work!" 

— SH

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