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My designs include quality furnishings, beautiful fabrics and unique art and they are thoughtfully designed with each individual client in mind. I firmly believe that details make the difference in making a space a home rather than just a house. Details inspire incredible, aesthetically pleasing functionality and I enjoy taking a vision of who the homeowner is and designing their home into a reality. My goal is for my clients to be proud of their homes, feeling comfortable and free of stress in the spaces that I design for them, so that their favorite getaway is actually their own home.

Ready to Start Your Project?

1st Step:  Get to Know You | The Discovery Call

The discovery call will be our first step together! Prior to scheduling the design consultation, we'll schedule a discovery call and I’ll chat with you to determine how we can work together on your project. Whether you're looking for full-service design assistance or perhaps you just don't know where to start or where/how you fit in the design process, I will help with plotting a course for you that will lead you (and me!) to the next steps in your project.  I will ask you about your project, deadline and your investment amount for your project.

Price:  Free

Click here to fill out the requested information on the Contact Me form to give me some details on your project.    

2nd Step:  Design Consultation | The Meet-Up

All design services begin with an in-home design consultation.  I will meet with you at your home for an initial design consultation where I can get to know you more. 


Virtual option available.  

What you can expect from the initial design consultation…

  • Our consultation will be up to 1½ hours at your home to discuss the space(s) and project you’d like assistance with.  Depending on your needs, it may be helpful for you to show me your home in its entirety or it may be more constructive to focus solely on one space. We can determine this together during the consultation.

  • During this meeting, we will look at the space(s) to be designed, the pieces to be included in the design, review design needs and style and finalize your investment amount.  Also, another important aspect that I like to go over is how you live in your space.  I’m very interested in you showing and telling me how you live in your home.  Be prepared for a lot of questions to be asked of you because I am all about capturing the details!  We can talk in further detail about our next steps together and my design service options as well during the consultation.


How you can prepare for our initial consultation for best results…

  • Create a Pinterest board or gather up some inspiration images that you can show to me during our consultation. This will help me to see your vision for the space and/or to be able to clarify and define your design style.

  • So that I can determine which of my design services would best suit you and your family, have a conversation about your investment amount (both in time and money) with all decision-makers involved in your design project prior to your consultation with me.  If you're feeling unsure about how much the investment amount should be, that’s OK.  We can talk about what a realistic investment amount would look like during the consultation.


Finally, start getting VERY excited!  I have years of experience guiding homeowners through each phase of my process for an interior design project and I can do the same for you.  Your design dreams are about to come true!

Price:  $395

Design Consultation Only

3rd Step:  Select the design services that work best for you!

Because not all design projects have the exact same needs and goals, I have options on how you can work with me. Click on the package options below to learn more details about each!

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