The Luxury Design Package

If you’re seeking the finest design package that I can offer you, The Luxury Design Package is the option for you. It includes full-service design services creating a new space in your home where your project is planned, organized and managed from start to finish for you. Pricing for this package is for one space (smaller spaces will be reviewed on a space-by-space basis); however, because I know you may want design assistance with more than one space at once, I can provide you the option of custom package pricing for three or more spaces.

How do I know that The Luxury Design Package is right for my needs? 

  • I want a fresh start with a completely new space in my home and I want fresh eyes with a new perspective to get me my magazine-worthy (but functional!) space. 

  • I am a busy executive and I want a beautiful home, but I currently feel overwhelmed by my home.  My plate is full and I don't have the time to spare to design, plan, organize, shop for, install or manage my own design project; I just want a stress-free space created for me.

  • I want a beautiful, functional home that will be able to rise up and meet the way my family and I want to live in our home.  I see the value in high-quality, timeless furnishings that are sound purchases and will continue to function for us for years to come.

  • I am a busy, multi-tasking stay-at-home parent and while I want a beautiful, functional home, I don’t have the time to dedicate to getting it to that point and I want help. 

  • I am a fan of Inside the Design’s spaces and projects and I want that level of detailed, functional design for my home.

  • I have no interest in managing or being responsible for my design project.  I want to trust Inside the Design’s process and experience and leave it to a design professional.

  • I want a completely new beautiful, functional and stress-free space using quality furnishings that doesn’t look exactly like someone else’s home. 

  • I am wanting to renovate my home, but I need a design professional to help guide me through, from the beginning to the end of the process.   


If you found yourself nodding along, answering with an enthusiastic “YES!” to any of the above statements, The Luxury Design Package is ideal for you.

Services Provided & Included:

  • Measurements of the Space

  • Floorplan to Scale

  • Custom Color Story of the Space

  • Professional Trade Day (if necessary)

  • General Budget Estimation

  • Furniture Sourcing with Trusted Trade Vendors

  • Detailed Rendering of the Space

  • Design Board Presentation (will include major components of the design: furniture, rugs, window treatments, lighting, original art, etc.)

  • Sourcing, Ordering and Coordinating of Shipping and Deliveries

  • Accessory and Style Planning (if applicable)

  • Installation and Reveal Day

  • Photoshoot Day


Price:  $3,925

Design Fee Only


The Luxury Design Package Process:

  1. After we’ve completed the discovery call and the design consultation, you can purchase The Luxury Design Package.  I will schedule a time to come out and go over the design contract with you, measure your space and take any photos needed.  Once the design contract has been executed and 75% of the design fee (The Luxury Design Package pricing) has been received, you are officially on my list!

  2. I will create a custom design plan based on what I have learned from you, as well as my own creative ideas. This typically takes 4-6 weeks from the execution of the design contract, although it may take longer depending on the size of the project. 

  3. A time will be scheduled for me to come and present your custom design plan to all decision-makers for your project. The design plan will include the major components of your design (furniture, rugs, window treatments, lighting, etc.). Many elements of the design plan will be the actual items we will be purchasing for the design.  Styling elements may be conceptual in nature. If needed, I will make one revision or modification.

  4. Once you have approved the final design/product approvals and the remaining 25% of the design fee has been collected (as well as the payment for the budget for the items/materials that will be included in your design), furnishings and materials will be ordered and all work is scheduled. I will manage and order all products, materials, furnishings and finishes for the project on your behalf throughout the entirety of the project, as well as organize and schedule tradesmen, deliveries and storage of the pieces that will be included in your project’s design prior to the installation day.   From now until this behind-the-scenes process is complete, you may be waiting awhile (from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project and its needs) to see the final transformation. I promise it will be worth the wait!

  5. Once all items are in and have been fully inspected, I will schedule white glove delivery of all furniture and rugs, as well as professional window treatment installation, and will provide you with a date for your design to be installed. Because the installation day can be hectic, I ask that you plan to do something fun away from your home while we install your space.  I want to give you the coveted HGTV "reveal" moment you deserve! An incredible amount of planning goes into the preparation of your install day and the installation could take quite a few hours to complete. You can be assured that every last detail will be settled so that when you come home for your reveal, the candles will be lit, the mood will be set and your space will be entirely complete and ready for you to enjoy!!

  6. I will schedule a time to bring in my photographer to photograph your project usually within 10 days of the installation day.  Additionally, any tradesmen who were diligently involved in your design project will be invited so that they can photograph the fruits of their labor as well. I may also tour your space via video and share the tour on social media.


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