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Getting Ready for the Holidays Room Refresh Packages

If thinking about the upcoming holiday season gives you a case of the hives--because you haven’t gotten around to the list of things you were hoping to refresh in your home before hosting guests for the holidays--I can help with that! 

Your guest bedroom and living room are spaces in your home that your guests will gather in during the holiday season. You want to make sure they are guest-ready!  For a limited time and just for the holiday season, I have created two home refresh packages, The Guest Bedroom Refresh and The Living Room Refresh. These packages can help you quickly refresh your home before the guests arrive on your doorstep.  You’ll go from feeling stressed out about the holidays to embracing them with open, welcoming arms!

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Selections Included in The Guest Bedroom Refresh Package:

  • Bedding (to include duvet/quilt option, duvet insert, pillow shams, pillow inserts, sheets, and bed pillows)

  • Throw Pillows for Bed

  • Blanket for End of Bed

  • Rug

  • Lamps for Bedside Tables (x2)

  • Art for Over Bed


 Selections Included in The Living Room Refresh Package:

  • Throw Pillows for Sofa and Chairs (if applicable)

  • Throw Blanket

  • Rug

  • Lamps for End Tables (x2)

  • Art (1-2 pieces)

  • Coffee Table Accessories (3-4 pieces)

Price:  $750 or bundle both packages together for $1,350 

Design Fee Only


Holiday Room Refresh Package Process:

  1. Contact me through this website or email me at to let me know which Holiday Room Refresh package you would like to purchase; give me your name, address, email address, phone number and let me know if you would like to make your payment through your credit card or Venmo.  Note: if you wish to purchase one of each, make sure you let me know at this time!

  2. I will send you an invoice for your package(s) and once your payment has been received, I will reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute call so we can talk about the space(s) you want to refresh.  I will also request at this time that you send me photos and dimensions of your space via email prior to our scheduled call.  It’s essential that I have received these requested items prior to our call so we can make best use of our time during the call. 

  3. After the call has been completed, I will make selections for the items that are included in your purchased package utilizing all trusted online merchants and I will email those suggestions/links to you (with styling notes where applicable) within 5 days of our call.

  4. You will have the option to purchase the exact selections made for you on your own at your convenience or you can utilize the selection suggestions given to locate similar items on your own.  Due to the nature of this package, I will only make one revision or modification if needed. 

  5. Once your ordered items have arrived, you can install them at your convenience! 

Click here to fill out the requested information on the Contact Me form to give me some details on your project.    

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