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Consultative Services

Consultative Services: Consulting services fees will be calculated on an individual basis based on specific needs with a 2-hour minimum requirement.


Consultative services are ideal for clients who are not looking for full-service design services, but still desire design assistance with one of the following examples (but not limited to): 


  • Design advice on a project you're going to complete on your own.

  • Advice on how to make a space multi-functional for your family’s needs.

  • New home purchase selections/finishes assistance in a design center.

  • An extra opinion regarding a furnishings purchase you're wanting to make in order to avoid mistakes in both time and money spent.

  • In-store shopping assistance with clients for furniture or accessory shopping.

  • Should it stay or should it go?  Advice on what items in your home to keep or purge.

  • Advice on how to best utilize a specific room or space in your home for you and your family.  


Ready to move forward?

Click here to fill out the requested information on the Contact Me form to give me some details on your project.    

Other Design Services

Inside The Design - Paint Color.jpg

Color Consultation


Choosing the wrong paint color can be a costly trial and error process for some people; I can help alleviate that burden for you! The color consultation includes a 60-minute, in-home consultation for clients that desire assistance selecting paint colors for their space. Two paint color palette options will be provided for your space (if needed) that will be best for your existing decor and furnishings. These will be delivered in design notes after our consultation (each palette will include three colors if needed that will consist of wall, ceiling and trim colors), as well as color theory information and paint suggestions. Paint color sample sheets of the suggested color palettes will also be shipped to you after the consultation so that you will be able to test the colors out in your space prior to your paint purchase. The color consultation can be for up to three interior spaces or for the exterior of your home (additional time can be purchased for more than three interior spaces).


Virtual option available.

Price: $300 (60 minutes included)

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